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The search for new and unusual venues for selling books has taken an unexpected e-turn. My son Rob, sitting at a Peet’s coffee shop in Sacramento, was quietly reading — That Paris Year, of course — when approached by another dude. Dude expressed interest in the book, said he and his wife were going to Paris and maybe he should buy it. Rob offered to copy down the name, but Dude had a different plan. He whipped out his iphone and took a picture of the cover. Said he had an app that could find all needed info. from a cover shoot, plus keep a photo file for him of all his fav reading. Now that’s what I call a real bookselling apportunity.


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Joanna Biggar

Glowing after the Readings

Launching a new book opens up endless opportunities for exploring “new and used” places and venues. Alan Squire Publishing has been creative in finding non-traditional ways to present its new productions to the world – creating a theatrical, dramatic event featuring three new books at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, for example – and its darkened theater with spoken lines from my novel and a young chanteuse singing Piaf’s “La Vie en Rose” was an introduction to a reading unlikely to be topped. (more…)

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