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Don’t drink the water

I┬ámentioned I thought I might be coming down with something to the last doctor I saw, the international health guy who gave me a typhoid shot, an official do’s and don’ts list for Costa Rica, and a precautionary prescription for antibiotics in case I came down with the bug. I did, and am taking the pills, feel like I’m underwater, but am doing “swimmingly” well, considering. The list for dos and don’ts was hilarious in its way: don’t drink the water, don’t eat any fruits or veggies or salsa or anything with milk in it etc., and you have to wonder (more…)

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Good flight despite cheapo USAIR. No food, no movies, no sound system, OK, I can take that. But no pencils to fill out the migration forms? Really.

It was dark when we landed, so seeing this place has been left to this morning’s treat. But it was a happy landing — I got to see Doug briefly at the airport, and Lenny was there to whisk us to his place in Guacina, about 20 mins from the airport.

Riding here I thought I was back in Africa, with sounds, smells, open sewers, vespas darting about. Here is an incredible estate. Gorgeous huge hacienda, swimming pool, koi pond, acres of tropical trees and fruits, and animals everywhere. (more…)

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So all is well in lala land and beyond. Meanwhile, I suffer in the tropical breezes, under the fan palms, by the koi ponds, listening to the parrots (and deranged rooster).
Try to feel my pain.

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